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Pedestrian Accidents

At Mandelaris Law, our pedestrian accident attorneys in Denver, Colorado understand that our state is one of the best placed to explore on foot. The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) reported Colorado welcomed an unprecedented 84.7 million visitors in 2017, up from the 82.4 million who visited in 2016. Exploring our State poses its challenges, however.  Traffic, obstacles, poorly maintained walkways, elevators, and stairways can cause an underlying danger to the city's residents and visitors alike.

Colorado residents deserve a safe and convenient transportation choices to all citizens - whether it's by walking, bicycling, transit, or driving. Each year, unfortunately, pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities comprise about 16 percent of all traffic fatalities with approximately 5,000 pedestrian deaths and 800 bicyclist deaths. Another 65,000 pedestrians and 48,000 bicyclists are injured in roadway crashes annually Our experienced Denver Pedestrian accident lawyers can help you pursue the person or company who caused your injuries for financial recovery.

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