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Car Accidents


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If you've been seriously injured in a car accident in Colorado, you will be overwhelmed. While trying to recover from physical injuries you are also faced with medical bills, lost wages, dealing with automobile repairs, dealing with emotional losses resulting from the accident. Accident victims routinely experience anger and confusion and far too often are overwhelmed navigating the complexities of a claim with at-fault parties insurance company and your own insurance company.

Were you in an auto accident in Denver or Colorado Springs?

If you or a loved one were in a car crash, you may be injured, may have questions about what to do next, and may not even know where to start. Please know we offer a FREE consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week so don't delay in determining what your rights are - call us right away at (303)357-9757 or click HERE to contact us for more information. Our consultations are always free and, if you decide to hire us, you pay nothing upfront and will pay nothing unless we've won your case. 

A car accident is a complex situation and none of the involved car accident companies are on your side-not even your own automobile insurer. You have many rights and insurance benefits that no one will inform you about unless you have a dedicated and experienced legal team on your side. More importantly, there may be deadlines – other than the statute of limitations – within which you must provide to your insurance company and involved governmental entities to preserve your rights.

While you can always handle your own claim, injured persons rarely want to compound the stress of navigating the insurance process and procedures while treating and recovering from your injuries. Moreover, inexperience in dealing with insurance claims will lead to an insurance company taking advantage of you and offering you much less than the true value of what your case is truly worth. Hiring a personal injury attorney at Mandelaris Law levels the playing field. At Mandelaris Law we will tirelessly work to get you the full recovery you are entitled to.

At Mandelaris Law,  we will help you with every aspect of your claim including: 

  • Conducting a thorough liability investigation to determine any and all parties who may be responsible for your injuries.
  • Preserving any and all material evidence including obtaining witness statements, preserving evidence, including police officer body camera footage and surveillance video.
  • Securing, coordinating, and closely monitoring medical treatment for injury victims. 
  • Navigating the claims process with all first and third party insurance companies.
  • Determining and calculating the true value of what your case is worth.
  • Preparing a comprehensive settlement demand package representing any and all supporting evidence. 
  • Communicating and negotiating a settlement with the adjuster.
  • If the case is unable to settle, filing a legal claim against the responsible party or unreasonable insurer.

After you hire a personal injury lawyer at Mandelaris Law for your car accident, your attorney will handle everything, and your focus can be on what's most important – your medical treatment of physical recovery. Far too often injured parties accept settlement offers that are too low simply because they do not have the time energy and resources to fight for more. We have the experience and resources to stand up for accident victims and develop a tailored strategy for each case to ensure full recovery. At Mandelaris Law, you will deal with an attorney, not a paralegal or a case manager. All of our consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by discussing your legal options with us today. 

Steps to Take After a Denver Car Accident

Even the most minor accident is disruptive.  The aftermath of the crash can involve several damaged vehicles, multiple injured parties, transportation by ambulance, and emergency medical care. In a more serious accident, your physical injuries may prevent you from taking any action at all. A successful claim starts immediately after a crash occurs. Even the most minor accident, remember to protect rights and help by taking the following steps:

  • Call 911: Call 911 and seek emergency assistance. If there are injuries, the 911 representative or first responders will provide basic first aid before paramedics an emergency room treatment occurs.
  • File a police report. In Colorado, filing a police report is mandatory by law. Even if you do not feel you sustain physical injuries, the filing of a police report is important in the event you begin to experience physical complaints after the accident.  A successful insurance claim may require a police report for your claim may be denied. 
  • Secure evidence. As you wait for the police to arrive, secure as much evidence as possible including:
    • Witnesses: The called parties name and insurance information including any eyewitnesses;
    • Photographs: Document vehicle damage, abrasions, skid marks, vehicle location, weather conditions, and anything else that may be relevant to your claim. Very serious accident, the investigating officers will photograph the involved vehicles, skidmarks, and other relevant accident scene information. Routinely, investigating officers do not document this information. Where liability is disputed, securing such information is critical for expert accident reconstruction.

You will need a skilled advocate on your side that knows the complexities of car accidents in first and third party car accident insurance claims.  Call (303) 357-9757 to speak with a Denver car accident lawyer at Mandelaris Law to discuss your options for discussing your insurance claim with the claim's adjuster. 

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