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Motorcycle accidents are no laughing matter. What is the most common motorcycle injury? Head and neck injuries such as concussions or fractures of the skull are by far the most common injuries sparked by motorcycle accidents. These types of motor accidents are oftentimes the most dangerous and able to cause severe harm due to the unprotected nature of a motorcyclist’s person. When involved in a crash involving a closed-cabin vehicle, a motorcycle operator is almost always more likely to be seriously injured than their automobile counterpart. These individuals need someone that looks out for them. Mandelaris Law is a heavily experienced law firm that practices motorcycle accident law and employs only the very best Denver motorcycle accident attorneys in the area. We are committed to finding justice where it is due.

Accidents Involving Motorcycles Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Motorcyclists are at a heightened risk of serious injury and death on the roadway. They are some of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to accidents and crashes. Similar to bicyclists and pedestrians, there is often very little protecting them from the forceful nature of cars, pickup trucks, buses, semi-trucks, and other types of motorized vehicles. This reality is reflected in statistics provided by motor vehicle authorities in the state of Colorado.

Steps Automobile Owners Can Take to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes to prevent the most common motorcycle injury.

Motorcycle accidents are all too common in the state of Colorado. Motorcycles are popular in the state due to the natural beauty and winding roads that Colorado offers. With so many people hitting the road in an attempt to enjoy the views, dangerous incidents and accidents inevitably occur. While many of these are completely avoidable, there are many actions that automobile operators can take to avoid crashing with a motorcycle.

  • Avoiding driving under the influence. It is heavily recommended that one never consumes alcohol or other types of controlled substances before getting behind the wheel. Doing so in excess is illegal.
  • Monitor your surroundings. One common reason that motorcycles are involved in accidents is due to their smaller stature in comparison to cars and trucks. It is for this reason that drivers of these automobiles are recommended to check their blind spots and mirrors multiple times before merging into a new lane or turning.
  • Avoid speeding. Speeding is not only illegal, but increases the likelihood of causing serious injury or death to motorcyclists.

What is the Most Common Motorcycle Injury and How Cyclists are Protected?

In addition to common procedures that can be taken by car drivers in order to prevent crashing with motorcyclists, motorcycle operators and passengers may also take certain precautions in order to ensure their safety. Precautions protect against the most common motorcycle injury.

  • Always wear a helmet. The data on the matter is clear, 52% of riders who were killed in 2018 were not wearing helmets. Wearing a helmet is an easy way to protect your head should you experience an accident.
  • Get proper training and education. Similar to the topic of wearing helmets, a large number of those involved in motorcycle accidents do not have proper motorcycle training. By enrolling in the Motorcycle Operators Safety Training (MOST) program, you will be better equipped to safely operate a motorcycle.
  • Slow down. Just as is recommended for those who drive a car, motorcyclists are recommended to slow down, especially in heavy traffic and around bends and turns in which it is easy to lose control of a bike.

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A common question is: When should I hire a motorcycle accident lawyer? After an accident, you should, at a minimum, consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible. Certain steps are critical before speaking with an insurance company, preserving evidence, and securing witness statements and, if applicable, HALO video.

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