Case Results

$6.2 million

Auto Accident | Workers Compensation

Settlement for a victim involved in a car crash. Mr. Mandelaris’ client was an on-duty police officer who sustained catastrophic injuries in a 2016 automobile accident. Mr. Mandelaris led a complex forensic investigation and coordinated a team of surgeons, an economist, functional capacity evaluators, and a life care planner and negotiated settlements involving both first-party, third-parties, workers’ compensation claims, and established a special needs trust to address future medical care while minimizing tax obligations for our client.

Multimillion-Dollar Settlement

Auto Accident | Workers Compensation

Multimillion-dollar settlement involving a commercial vehicle crash. Mr. Mandelaris’ client was a first responder who sustained catastrophic injuries and career-ending losses.  After more than three years of complex litigation against five individual/corporate interstate defendants involving multifaceted legal and factual nuances, we were able to negotiate a global confidential settlement on the eve of the two-week jury trial.


Police Shooting

Our client sustained injuries in connection with a police chase resulting in the investigating officer discharging a firearm. We pursued a civil rights lawsuit. We carried out a thorough investigation and forensic analysis and coordinated with a multijurisdictional critical incident response team to maximize our client’s recovery by establishing excessive force and continued violations of internal policies adopted by the police department.


$1.7 million +

Drunk Driving Accident | Dramshop Action

Our client was catastrophically injured in an automobile accident with a drunk driver. Mr. Mandelaris obtained policy limits from the drunk driver, our client’s underinsured motorist coverage, and pursued a liquor liability claim against the restaurant that overserved the drunk driver.


Auto rollover crash

Automobile accident where liability was highly contested. Mr. Mandelaris immediately conducted a complicated forensic investigation and secured necessary evidence for successful resolution. Our client had extensive pre-existing injuries. We were able to prevail on contested liability by obtaining 911 call logs, computer-aided dispatch logs, witness interviews, and surveillance video. Consulting with medical experts we were able to apportion accident-related injuries and achieve full compensation for our client’s claim for past, present, and future medical bills, loss of career, and noneconomic damages.


Rear-end Auto Accident

Our client was a retired police officer injured by an intoxicated driver operating a commercial vehicle. Our client had extensive pre-existing injuries and prior workers’ compensation claims. With prompt and appropriate expert medical testimony, we were able to secure an exceptional settlement exceeding our client’s expectations.

Confidential Settlement

Workers’ Compensation | Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith against workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Mr. Mandelaris was the lead trial counsel for an injured worker. The workers’ compensation carrier denied authorization for a spinal fusion. Mr. Mandelaris initiated litigation against the workers’ compensation carrier for breach of contract and bad faith insurance claims practices and conducted numerous depositions throughout the country. Through skilled case preparation and extensive deposition and motions practice, our client’s surgery was not only authorized, but the claimant recovered substantial compensation directly from the insurance company for unreasonably denying and delaying the surgical request for authorization.


Auto Accident | Workers’ Compensation

Our client was a Colorado police officer injured in an automobile accident while on duty. We were able to secure a global settlement involving our client’s third-party claim, underinsured motorist claims, and workers’ compensation claim.


Head-on auto

Our client was a high school student injured in an automobile accident we were able to achieve a policy limits settlement through extensive negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurer and stacking coverage with our client’s own underinsured motorist carrier.


Premises liability/ Elevator injury

Our client was injured as a result of a malfunctioning elevator. We proved the landowner had prior knowledge of an unreasonably dangerous condition by securing elevator service records and evaluating governing regulations leading to a successful resolution of our client’s claim.


Motorcycle Accident

Our client was injured while operating his motorcycle. There was no police report. We were able to secure necessary forensic evidence and secure maximum recovery for our client.


Auto Accident | Workers Compensation

Accident involving both third-party and workers’ compensation claims. We were successful in establishing compensability for his workers’ compensation claim and expeditiously coordinated medical care under the employer’s policy and maximize recovery in connection with a global settlement with the workers’ compensation carrier, at-fault driver’s insurer, our client’s underinsured motorist carrier while minimizing subrogation claims.


Auto Accident | Workers Compensation

Our client was traveling in an employer’s vehicle. We were able to successfully get contested medical treatment authorized through workers’ compensation benefits and effectuate a global settlement with all applicable insurance carriers.


Auto Accident

We assumed representation after our client’s dissatisfaction with a prior law firm that was hired. We pursued litigation and were able to maximize full recovery for our client’s past, present, and future medical bills, wage losses, and pain and suffering.


Rear-End Auto Accident

Our Army veteran client was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. We assumed representation after our client’s dissatisfaction with a prior law firm that was hired. Due to continued unresponsiveness and dissatisfaction with our client’s prior attorney, Mr. Mandelaris took over representation. While the crash involved numerous injured parties, we were able to achieve full compensation for our client by prioritizing the claim among numerous claimants.


Premises Liability Claim

Our client was served food containing allergens despite expressly warning the restaurant of allergies. We pursued a premises liability claim advancing violations of the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Regulations, Food Allergen Labeling Act, and the Colorado Consumer Protection Act resulting from the anaphylactic shock sustained by our client.


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation claim involving a highly contested occupational exposure claim. We were able to synchronize expert testimony to achieve an optimal result for our client


Auto Accident

Our client was injured in an automobile accident requiring extensive chiropractic care. While the at-fault party’s insurer did not contest liability, the extent of reasonable and necessary medical treatment was highly contested. Through litigation, we succeeded with the presentation of our client’s claim achieving maximum recovery.