Car Accidents Involving Distracted Driving May Result In Punitive Damages

Statistics published by the Colorado Department of Transportation provide that an average of 42 crashes occur daily in Colorado due to distracted driving.

Often, an at-fault party’s accident-related conduct presents a prima facie case of aggravated liability such that punitive sanctions will be appropriate. Distracted driving may give rise to such sanctions. Drunk driving also presents the opportunity for an injured party to seek punitive or exemplary damages. This category of damages is significant because they are not insurable per public policy meaning the at-fault driver’s personal assets may be jeopardized in the event of a successful claim.

In addition to accident-related past, present, and future medical bills, non-economic damages, and physical impairment, exemplary damages may be appropriate where a defendant is distracted, intoxicated, using a cell phone, or in the case of a trucking accident, consistently violates provisions of the Federal Carrier Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. See, C.R.S. 13-21-102(1)(a). Recently, former Denver Bronco Peyton Manning sent a letter and a gift to a fan involved in a drunk driving crash.

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