How to Look Up a Police Report for an Accident in Aurora, Colorado

Experiencing a car accident can be both distressing and disorienting, especially when dealing with the aftermath, which includes understanding and obtaining a police report. For residents and drivers in Aurora, Colorado, accessing this crucial document can significantly streamline dealing with insurance claims and legal consultations. This guide provided by Mandelaris Law aims to simplify the process for you. Injury victims from a car accident should always know how to access an Aurora Colorado Police Report.

Understanding the Importance of Aurora Colorado Police Report

A police report provides an objective account of the circumstances surrounding your accident. Furthermore, it includes details such as the time, location, parties involved, and descriptions of any injuries or damages. Consequently, this report is essential for verifying the facts during insurance negotiations and legal proceedings.

How to Obtain an Aurora Colorado Police Report

Aurora, Colorado, has streamlined the process of obtaining accident reports through an efficient online system. Here’s how to Look Up a Police Report for an Accident in Aurora, Colorado.

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Start by navigating to, which is a user-friendly platform that facilitates access to accident reports across various states, including Colorado.
  2. Locate Your Report: Input the necessary details to find your report. Consequently, this typically includes the accident’s date and your last name. If you don’t have the report number, be prepared to provide additional identifiers like the accident location.
  3. Procure Your Copy: After finding your report, you can directly purchase and download it from the site. Keep in mind that a small fee is usually required, which covers the handling and processing costs.

What to Do After Receiving Your Aurora Colorado Police Report

After you have downloaded your police report, it’s important to thoroughly check all the information for accuracy. Errors, no matter how minor, can affect insurance claims and legal actions. If you find discrepancies, contact the reporting agency to discuss corrections.

How Mandelaris Law Can Assist You

If the process seems daunting or if you require further clarification on the details of your police report, then Mandelaris Law is here to assist. Accordingly, our legal experts specialize in traffic and accident law, providing comprehensive support to protect your rights and effectively handle your claims.


For more detailed guidance or to discuss your specific case, feel free to reach out to Mandelaris Law. We dedicate ourselves to serving Aurora and ensuring that your legal journey is as smooth as possible.

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