Ten Reasons To Choose Our Law Firm

1. You will work directly with an attorney throughout your entire case

Injury lawyers routinely found advertising on television during both daytime and late-night are traditionally high-volume law practices that attempt to mass-produce the settlement of injury claims while utilizing aggressive advertising campaigns.  High-volume practices have paralegals, “case managers” and law clerks handling a predominant portion of the duties and work on cases, as opposed to the actual attorneys.  Law firm staff cannot practice law.  In a high-volume firm, communication will be lacking. Law Professor Nora Engstrom published a fascinating article in the May 2010 issue of the Stanford Law Review, entitled “Run of the Mill Justice.” Engstrom interviews numerous attorneys and staff members at law firms throughout the country that fit the description of being a “settlement mill.” She points out that most “mill” clients only speak to an attorney once, if ever. By some estimates, only 10% of clients ever met with their attorney face-to-face. At Mandelaris Law, we are a boutique litigation firm and you will work with a skilled attorney from case intake through trial.

2. Calls, consultations, and questions are welcomed and enjoyed.

There’s a level of trust instilled between attorney and client. When a client calls they expect to receive a call from their lawyer in a customary and timely manner. Judging from our own conversations with clients whose cases were previously handled by large volume practices, common complaints are unreturned calls/messages and being left in the dark on their case status. Radio silence is never acceptable. A lawyer should make themselves as available as is feasible to their clients. At Mandelaris Law, your lawyer will be available when you call; if not, you will receive a prompt response.

3. We take the stress of dealing with the insurance companies off of your shoulders.

When you’re in pain after a car or truck accident and worried about how you’ll keep up with your daily living expenses, medical bills, and repairing your car. The last thing you want to deal with is talking to an uncooperative and unresponsive insurance adjuster. The adjuster is skilled in reducing the value of your injury claim and paying the least amount possible – if any. Level the playing field with experienced industry insiders. We have over 16 years of fighting for the rights of injured victims and navigating the relentless and complex maze of insurance.

4. Over 16 years of experience in bodily injury litigation and insurance claims.

Many law firms promote “years of experience.” At Mandelaris Law we have the depth of experience that matters.  For nearly two decades, Mr. Mandelaris has litigated over 150 cases in Colorado State, Federal, and Administrative Courts, and resolved hundreds of disputes without formal judicial proceedings.  In addition, for over five years, Mr. Mandelaris specialized in representing police officers and deputy sheriff’s in car accidents and workers’ compensation claims throughout Colorado. We are skilled in the nuances of how each particular insurance company approaches claims and our attorneys skillfully present and frame your case to achieve superior results.

5. We work closely with medical providers and specialists to get you well.

Recovering from accident injuries depends on more than just medical care. Prevailing on your accident claim depends on more than just hiring a lawyer. The medical-legal partnership is critical to timely recovery and proper compensation. We continuously review medical records and work with medical professionals to ensure all accident-related injuries are promptly diagnosed and addressed to maximize recovery and compensation for our clients.

6. We will fast-track your injury claim.

Car accident victims have a common question: How long does it take to get a settlement check in an average car accident case? Or, “why is my settlement taking so long?” If an attorney tells you a specific date – you are talking to the wrong attorney. Some claims are complex; others are straightforward. We understand the need to get back to “life as normal.” Depending on the specific needs of your claim, we will regularly review your case status and will expedite your dispute to prompt resolution.

7. Every person you speak with at our office knows you and your case.

We treat each client like family and deliver personalized attention to the customized needs of each case. We have high-profile cases, but we aren’t stuffy. We encourage a relaxed but professional culture that is unmatched at any law firm in Colorado. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their families on a personal level.

8. Your health and well-being are most important to us.

Our lawyers provide independent, comprehensive, and compassionate legal advice and are trustworthy and competent at communicating with you. The lawyer you choose should care about you and your family. They should genuinely care about the circumstances you face and they will work hard to help you achieve justice. We focus on flexibility, support, communication, and commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for your injury claim.

9. We pay for ALL up-front expenses. We don’t get paid unless you do.

Generally, there are two types of arrangements that lawyers offer. These are charging an hourly rate, or working on contingency. Contingent fees are attorney fees based on results. Generally, the client will not have to pay the lawyer unless the client wins the case. In addition, Mandelaris Law will advance and pay any necessary expense to handle your accident claim. You will not have to reimburse expenses that we advance until we get money for you.

10. We are passionate about protecting Denver and the surrounding community.

Mandelaris Law is committed to public and community service. Our commitment to the community extends to a responsibility to improve the legal profession. Our attorneys are members of various professional organizations, including the American Bar Association, Colorado Bar Association, Denver Bar Association, Western Trial Lawyers Association, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and the Workers Compensation Education Association. We are an advocate of cardiovascular health (and craft beer) and proud sponsor of the Colorado Brewery Running Series.