Who Is At Fault For A Rear-end Auto Accident In Arapahoe County Colorado?

Generally, the occurrence of auto accidents does not raise a presumption of negligence on behalf of a driver of an automobile in the state of Colorado. However, in the case of a rear-end collision, a presumption of negligence is raised. In cases of rear-end automobile accidents, a plaintiff is generally entitled to submit Colorado Jury Instruction-Civil 11:12 which provides “ When a driver of a motor vehicle hits another vehicle in the rear, the law presumes [, and you must find,] that the driver was negligent.”

The presumption applies to liability. Liability is when a driver is legally responsible to another driver because of his or her actions, or failure to act. In personal injury cases there may be several parties who have a percentage of liability or legal responsibility for a rear-end auto accident.

Rear-end automobile accidents typically occur at stop lights or at intersections controlled by stop signs. When a driver is rear-ended, the crash may involve two or more cars. In accidents involving multiple cars, our attorneys have, likewise, been able to assess liability not only a driver who strikes another vehicle from the rear, but other involved vehicles who have been improperly stopped at a traffic control signal. In Arapahoe County Colorado, M.T.C 604(C)(I) requires vehicular traffic facing a steady circular red signal alone shall stop at a clearly marked stop line. Where drivers have not stopped at a clearly stopped limit line, liability may be assessed against other drivers who may have caused and/or contributed an accident.

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